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Natasha England - 'Deeper Into Reality'


This 11 track explorative electronic CD album is a collaboration between Natasha England and producer Robert Logan.

Tracklisting: 'Darkside'/'Come'/'Strange'/'Stop Doing Nothing'/'Wasted Lives'/'Life's For The Living'/'How Do You Like It'/'Not In A Million Years'/'The Passion'/'Deeper Into Reality'/'Remember Me (Waterfalls)'

''The passing years have seen Natasha, now with the assistance of producer/songwriter Robert Logan, add a darker edge to her take on this genre and in doing so she has opened up a completely new era in her musical career.......There’s a whole new generation of music lovers out there who have yet to discover what a great talent Natasha England is and ‘Deeper Into Reality’ is where they should start.'' (PennyblackMusic)